Dummy’s Guide To Google Panda & Penguin Penalties

Don’t Get Slapped By Google!

By now we have all heard of the infamous Google Panda and Google Penguin updates. If you haven’t heard of these updates yet and your sites have not seen a dramatic drop in page rank since
their implementation then there shouldn’t be any real need to panic. This simply means that the methods that you have been using are inline with what Google is wanting people to do to achieve their page rank.google penguin seo

If your website has seen a significant decrease in traffic since the Google updates that doesn’t mean your website cannot be in the top rankings again. That simply means that the methods that were working before aren’t going to work now. The reason Google decided to implement the Google panda and Google penguin updates is because of the quality of material that reaches their top page rankings.

In the past anyone using the typical back link blasting methods could have a thin website achieve a high page ranking. In Google’s eyes this isn’t fair to their customers who are using their search engine to find quality information. The first update Google decided to implement was the Google panda update. This update was made to punish websites that aren’t using unique content. In the past using the same article and blasting it through different article sites was one was to achieve back links.

Duplicate Content & Penalties

Now when Google sees duplicate content around the web they will only credit the most relevant article. This means that the days of writing duplicate material is over. Of course there are programs out there that will allow the user to use spun articles and send only unique articles to directories. While a lot of people deem this as a good way to create back links one must always proceed with caution.

If the article isn’t spun correctly then this article won’t have proper fluidity and will be seen as low quality by Google and can be denied by article directories that pre-screen them before allowing them on their site. It is always best to choose a topic that will interest you enough to write quality material and make hand written quality articles for directories.panda google seo

Google is all about quality because that’s what they want their users to find. The Google penguin update was implemented to penalize websites that use “manipulative techniques” to improve their ranking. Anyone who is familiar with SEO knows that a lot of the old methods just don’t work anymore. One of these methods is “keyword stuffing” which is when a website overly uses a keyword to achieve page ranking.

Repercussions of Google Spam Flags

Well now if a website tries this they can potentially be flagged by Google which can lead to being un-indexed. This goes back to the idea of building quality back links and using quality methods. There are many people out there whose websites weren’t affected because they have always written quality content about subjects that they care about. There are surely more updates to follow so the only way to proceed in this google internet world is with quality.

Jay Wessman does a pretty quick breakdown here: